Title:      Madness Made Me
Authors:      O'Hagan, Mary
Genre:      Non Fiction: New Zealand
Pages:      260
Year:      2014
Language:      English
Description:      From psychiatric wards through to the hallowed halls of the United Nations, Mary O'Hagan has had the full gamut of experience in the mental health sphere. With her belief in the value of 'madness' Mary channelled her experiences of the New Zealand mental health service and those of her fellow sufferers into committed advocacy, culminating in her roles as the Mental Health Commissioner and more recently as an international mental health consultant.

Sometimes uncomfortable, always honest and uniquely insightful, this is an important and thought-provoking personal account of the full human experience of 'madness', and its place in our society.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"This is an honest and largely positive look at the author's own life and the deficiencies of the 'system'."

"I think everyone should be exposed to the contents of this book. The struggle is inspiring."

"The book provides excellent insight into psychiatric illness in NZ - it would be good to have such a book in the scheme."

"The author is brutally honest in revealing the flaws in the current mental health system in NZ."

"Some enforced treatments that Mary experienced and observed could be disturbing to some readers."

Categories:      Non Fiction - New Zealand, Biography, Human Rights, Medical/Health, Morals/Ethics, Psychology, 2017 Title - New to Scheme
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