Title: Girl On The Train, The
Authors: Hawkins, Paula
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 316
Year: 2015
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
Language: English
Description: Another day, another train journey along the same stretch of track looking into the same old London backyards. But one morning, something is different and for Rachel Watson and her overactive imagination, there's no going back. And for the couples she observes in those houses in Blenheim Rd, including her ex-husband Tom, there's no going back for them either.

Unreliable narrators, clever plot and frequent reminders that appearances can be misleading create an engrossing and compelling thriller.

Comments from Groups:

Most of the group really enjoyed this book with its twists and turns, but there was little empathy with the characters. Christchurch 277

We quite liked the book. We found the women interesting and the men pathetic. Some of us preferred the film - the characters seemed more likeable. We do wonder what will happen next! Wellington 134

We found this un-put-downable! We all considered our lives to be very uneventful compared to the characters in this story. We highly recommend this read. Katiki 006

This book produced divided opinions. Some rubbished it, some loved it and others were lukewarm. The main characters were quite strong but others weak, especially Cathy. It was essential that the chapters were dated, but irritating to have to constantly go back to see how much time had elapsed.The print was excellent. Taupo 003

Despite the hype surrounding this book, members felt that the 'voices' of the 3 main characters didn't really 'speak' - that they were monotonal and lacked depth. Several thought the book was 'chicklit'. Despite these thoughts and feelings however, there was a lengthy discussion, with interest shown in how the book has been adapted for the movie. Wanganui 008

Everyone agreed it was well-written. Most enjoyed it. Those who didn't enjoy it tended not to like psychological thrillers. We had an interesting discussion about having secrets, especially from spouses! We all thought the characterisation was excellent. Wellington 008

Interesting use of 'flawed' individuals as central characters rather than on the periphery. Some found the book interesting at first, but felt it took a long time to reach a conclusion, which was frustrating. Hamilton 038

Most of us thoroughly enjoyed the book - we found it gripping, engrossing and enthralling. Some of us loved it so much that we read it again and found it just as good! What could be a better recommendation than that!! Auckland 055

Categories: Fiction, Mystery, Relationships, Suspense/Thriller, 2017 Titles, Blind Foundation book


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By: NELS 072 2018-04-12 11:48:40
We enjoyed how the story wove together. All enjoyed the suspense thriller. Would recommend to others. Rachel's alcoholic state made us question her integrity and state of mind, and all of it just played out in her mind and really didn't happen at all. Found it slow to start with, but you did start to piece together the story and memory of Rachel. As you read it this only person you can trust is Cathy, as everyone else makes you question their motives.

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