Title: Invention of Nature, The
Authors: Wulf, Andrea
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 473
Year: 2015
Language: English
Description: If Alexander von Humboldt was alive today, he would be justified in saying, 'I told you so'. Among the many and varied accomplishments of this 19th century scientist was his prediction of human-induced climate change. An intrepid explorer and visionary scientist, he was an important mover and shaker of his time, an opinion-shaper and science communicator extraordinaire, ensuring his theory of the interconnectedness of nature continues to influence how we view the natural world today.

Ostensibly a biography, this impressively researched book weaves threads of travel, adventure, intellectual pursuits and a who's who of the other luminaries of von Humboldt's era, into a thrilling and dazzling whole, a worthy celebration of this scientific superstar.

Categories: Non fiction, Big Read, Biography, Adventure/Exploration, Environmental, Historical, Science & Technology, Travel, 2018 Titles


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