Title: Coming Rain
Authors: Daisley, Stephen
Genre: Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 269
Year: 2015
Publisher: Text Publishing
Language: English
Description: On the lookout for work, shearers Lewis McCleod and Painter Hayes arrive at Drysdale Downs, the West Australian station belonging to John Drysdale. Lewis has been under Painter's wing since he was just a lad, but when he meets John's daughter Clara, everything is going to change.

Unflinching in its examination of the 1950s repressive male culture of rural Australia, this simple story with its strong and convincing characters, is enhanced by its reverent observation of the outback.

Winner of the Ockham NZ Book for fiction 2016.
Categories: Fiction - New Zealand, Award Winner, Love story, Relationships, Social commentary/perspectives, Australia, 2018 Titles


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By: WINT 001 2018-08-24 10:14:36
The group was split over this book. Some didn't finish it, as they either found it hard to engage with or they found the language offensive. This led to a discussion on swear words and shearers as many of the group are from rural backgrounds. Those that enjoyed it found that descriptions of the landscape and situations were very vivid. The dingo story was polarising, but the group decided that they reflected the indigenous people of the area both in patterns set up over many generations, as well as their ultimate demise at the hands of the farming community.

By: WHAKA 017 2018-08-01 14:32:41
Most of our group really enjoyed this story. Although the dingo's point of view was initially off-putting, it became a powerful part of the story. We enjoyed reading about the people, the animals, and the land and life in 1950s Australia.

By: TAUR 053 2018-08-01 14:29:09
We had mixed opinions on the book. Several found it wasn't for them and didn't finish reading it. Those who did really enjoyed it - the writer's approach and the settings and characters. A good 'Aussie read'. Some of us who grew up on farms related to the outback location. We found the notes and questions for discussion to be excellent.

By: AUCK 211 2018-08-01 14:25:28
A simple tale well told. The author was skilful in evoking an era (50s rural Australia), an archetype ( male labourers) and the landscape ( a touch of Tim Winton here). Generated lively discussion.

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