Title: Educated
Authors: Westover, Tara
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 385
Year: 2018
Language: English
Description: Having never been to school until the age of 17 nor registered for a birth certificate or medical care, Tara Westover seems an unlikely candidate for educational success. But succeed she has - blazing a trail through Harvard and Cambridge, this daughter of Doomsday survivalists from a remote area in Idaho, exemplifies the transformative power of education.

Riveting and often shocking, this inspiring memoir discloses a brutal childhood, the power of family to shape us and the cost of self-determination.
Categories: Non fiction, Biography, Contemporary, Gender Issues, Medical/Health, Relationships, Religion, Social commentary/perspectives, America, What's Hot, Popular Book with Groups, 2020 Titles


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By: COOKS 001 2020-07-21 13:33:55
We enjoyed the book in spite of the topics of religious fervour, patriarchal power, physical and psychological abuse. Westover highlighted the challenges of family loyalty, her determination to become educated and free to lead her own life, knowing the family would turn their backs on her. We found the book gripping, well written, and an incredible insight into her strong spirit. One comment "I found it 'breathtaking' reading how this family lived". Our discussion centred on religion, patriarchal power, the effect these have on early childhood and eventually the 'choices' made in adult life.

By: NORTH 003 2020-03-23 12:32:35
Great discussion with a variety of views on the events, and motivation of the author. Brought up many opinions on the role of family and self-determination.

By: FERN 001 2020-03-23 12:04:23
Only scored 4 due to distressing content. An inspirational story beautifully worded of one person's rise above a life of abuse, physical and psychological. Generated the best discussion we've had in years. Highly recommended.

By: TAKA 001 2020-03-23 12:00:27
It is a fascinating and horrifying book. It was hard to put down. The acceptance of violence within the family was disturbing to read. Tara's determination was awe inspiring.

By: WESTO 001 2020-02-27 10:36:35
A number of members were "blown away' by this book, amazed that someone is those circumstances could go on to achieve the things she did. if it wasn't true it would be unbelievable. Well written.

By: INVER 004 2019-12-12 12:22:53
Great book! All enjoyed.

By: LOWER 002 2019-11-08 14:47:48
This book almost(!) lived up to the near-rapturous critics' comments on the cover, though we didn't find it either "joyous" or heart breaking". But otherwise, yes - it was "an unflinching account of love and brutality, of the strength of blood ties, and the power of imagination...remarkable". And we all found it amazing, fascinating and compulsively readable.

By: HAVE 012 2019-11-08 14:42:48
A number of our group had already read this book but gained from a second read. A powerful if brutal memoir, but ultimately uplifting. A great book.

By: CHCH 481 2019-11-08 14:39:27
Compelling, raw, powerful and beautifully written. Resonates with the idea of hope and the power of education.

By: AUCK 063 2019-08-12 09:52:57
Interestingly, our one low score came from someone who grew up in an area surrounded by 'religious fanatics'. The rest of us found it compelling and shocking reading. Would have been completely unbelievable if fiction.

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