Title: Other Americans, The
Authors: Lalami, Laila
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 301
Year: 2019
Language: English
Description: When her Moroccan migrant father, Dris, is killed in a hit-and-run accident, jazz musician Nora Guerraoui returns to her home town on the edge of the Mojave Desert. Yucca Valley is the very place she was so desperate to leave, but now for the foreseeable future, will be her home again while she seeks to understand the mystery around her father's death.

Multiple narrators offer a variety of perspectives, from family members and Dris himself, through to the perpetrator and the detective investigating the case, all the while revealing the challenges of pursuing the American Dream in small town USA.

As well as its thoughtful use of language and its credibly fallible characters, this absorbing story provides insightful commentary on the lives of immigrants.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I absolutely loved the author's previous book, The Moor's Account, and this too is a very satisfying and enjoyable read."

"I couldn't put this book down and really appreciated the build-up of tension and suspense."

"The author's sensitive management of insights into the world of immigrants living in an often hostile and unsympathetic society enable the reader to learn and hopefully become more empathetic."

"The characters are from different cultures and walks of life and all are well rounded."

"I enjoyed the unfolding of the plot but I did guess fairly early on who had done what."
Categories: Fiction, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Grief/loss, Mystery, Political, Relationships, Suspense/Thriller, Tragedy/disaster, America, 2021 Titles


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