Title: Improvement
Authors: Silber, Joan
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 227
Year: 2019
Language: English
Description: All it takes is a single act of defiance… pivoting on Reyna, a single mother in Harlem and her eccentric aunt Kiki, this is a story spanning a generation that links seemingly unconnected people in the US, Turkey and Germany.

Woven through this intricate tapestry of lives is a compassionate portrayal of human fallibility and the possibility of redemption for its many and varied narrators.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I enjoyed this book very much. Genuine, real stories about believable characters."

"I like how the stories were linked but also separate - it was a nice structure."

"Easy to read, and the characters were very interesting."

"A very cleverly written story dealing with the far-reaching consequences of one character's action."

"I would certainly read more books from this author."

"The book is easy to read and the characters are interesting and one feels sympathetic towards them."

"I would describe this book as 'quietly successful'."

Categories: Fiction, Contemporary, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Morals/Ethics, Relationships, USA, Germany, Turkey, 2022 Titles, Larger font


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