Title: Black and Blue
Authors: Gorrie, Veronica
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 236
Year: 2021
Language: English
Description: The story of an Aboriginal woman who worked as a police officer and fought for justice both within and beyond the Australian police force.

A proud Gunai/Kurnai woman, Veronica Gorrie grew up dauntless, full of cheek and a fierce sense of justice. After watching her friends and family suffer under a deeply compromised law-enforcement system, Gorrie signed up for training to become one of a rare few Aboriginal police officers in Australia. In her ten years in the force, she witnessed appalling institutional racism and sexism, and fought past those things to provide courageous and compassionate service to civilians in need, many Aboriginal themselves.

With a great gift for storytelling and a wicked sense of humour, Gorrie frankly and movingly explores the impact of racism on her family and her life, the impact of intergenerational trauma resulting from cultural dispossession, and the inevitable difficulties of making her way in the white- and male-dominated workplace of the police force. [Taken from book cover, Scribe Publications]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I think this book should be standard text for social workers, health care professionals and police, both in Australia and New Zealand."

"An insightful account of an aboriginal woman who strives to overcome the issues she, and all aborigines, face."

"It's an important read, but not always easy to read. It hasn't been an easy life for her."

"Overall I enjoyed this book and was very glad I'd read it."

"Mrs Gorrie is as honest about her own short-comings as I believe her to be about those of others."

"Although inevitably traumatic at times, one is left with a better understanding of the issues of indigenous people, and it gives hope that they (and we), can find ways through."

"Without dramatisation, self-pity or undue justification, this is a book everyone should read and consider."

"A rare aboriginal voice from a strong women who 'survives' in the midst of terrible abuse."

"An eloquent expression of what it is like to be a minority in Australia."

Categories: Biography, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Human Rights, Social commentary/perspectives, Australia, 2023 Titles - Coming Soon


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