Title: New Wilderness
Authors: Cook, Diane
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 395
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: Bea's five-year-old daughter, Agnes, is slowly wasting away. The smog and pollution of the overdeveloped, overpopulated metropolis they call home is ravaging her lungs. Bea knows she cannot stay in the City, but there is only one alternative: The Wilderness State. Mankind has never been allowed to venture into this vast expanse of untamed land. Until now.

Bea and Agnes join eighteen other volunteers who agree to take part in a radical experiment. They must slowly learn how to live in the unpredictable, often dangerous Wilderness, leaving no trace on their surroundings in their quest to survive. But as Agnes embraces this new existence, Bea realises that saving her daughter's life might mean losing her in ways she hadn't foreseen. [Taken from book cover, One World Publciations]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Well told story of an imagined world. Very moving."

"Wonderful description of the wilderness environment and the people in it."

"This is a book that tugs your heart and makes you think. It's a ten from me. I was pleased to see it was long-listed for the Booker."

"It's an epic book with many interesting ideas and themes."

"Interesting study of relationships, person to person and the group."

"The relationship between Bea and Agnes is so delicately nuanced and poignant."

Categories: Fiction, Community, Dystopia/Futuristic, Environmental, Grief/loss, Relationships, Social commentary/perspectives, 2023 Titles - Coming Soon


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