Title: Auto Da Fay
Authors: Weldon, Fay
Genre: Non Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 366
Year: 2002
Language: English
Description: This is scriptwriter, novelist, journalist and feminist Weldon's account of her life from the 1930s to the 1990s, from New Zealand to the UK. Love, sex, babies, blokes, poverty, politics, and not a few "Very Famous Names" are covered. NZ Interest.

Comments from Groups:

Great insight into women's lives in 1940s, 50s and onwards. Southbridge 001

Everybody loved this book especially those brought up in Christchurch. Auckland 155

Group enjoyed style of writing and NZ areas of her life. Napier 007

Writing quite bold - like the person. Disappointed that the book finished when it did. Bream 001

An easy read. Not an easy life...She has used all her life experiences in her books in some form. Christchurch 088

Lively discussion. Most enjoyed the book, even those who didn't admire Fay Weldon. Taupo 004

We applauded the writer's honesty and frankness, and felt that although she was wild at times she remained true to herself. Hamilton 003

Several members felt there was a lot of fiction involved. Some keen to read a follow-on. Tauranga 022

Categories: Non Fiction - New Zealand, Biography, Literary, Blind Foundation book


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By: AUCK 082 2020-01-13 14:17:09
We enjoyed this book.

By: WELL 134 2020-01-13 14:13:54
Most of us enjoyed the book - thought it was a good social commentary. We did wonder if there was quite a bit of embellishment of the truth!!

By: PALMN 001 2020-01-13 14:11:41
A very lively discussion was engendered by this book.

By: NELS 062 2019-12-12 14:25:30
All in the group found the book interesting, with much discussion around Weldon's reminiscences of living in Christchurch. Her style in this text is stream of consciousness with her thoughts often meandering from topic to topic. This was irksome for a number of people in the group.

By: KATIK 004 2019-12-12 14:23:11
We had a small group this month, but most enjoyed this book.

By: WHITBY 002 2019-11-06 11:15:33
While a couple in our group liked this book most were disappointed. Without a coherent time line, it was difficult to place her numerous forbears and the unfamiliar names of suburbs did not make it clear whether we were in NZ or UK. We could relate to the parts that were familiar to us, the social expectations of women at that time, for example. The style of writing made for very entertaining reading but, if honest, seemed frivolous and shallow. It just left an impression that she breezed through life when in fact life for her family in the beginning was not easy.

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