Title: Bone People, The
Authors: Hulme, Keri
Genre: Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 445
Year: 1984
Language: English
Description: A provocative and poetic novel set in a remote South Island beach community. Hulme casts her magic on three fiercely unique characters who remind us that we, like them, are "nothing more than people". Bound in Maori mythology and Christian symbolism. NZ Interest. Booker Prize Winner, 1985. [Small font]

Comments from Groups:

Mixed reaction but most enjoyed the book and had a good discussion. Aria 001

Loved it - a lot going on. Rated 8 and a half out of 10. Everyone has ghosts in their closets. Tehoro 001

Difficult to read but all pleased to have read it. Lots of discussion about the ending - very sudden and almost too 'happy ever after'. Dunedin 064

Most people who managed to finish the book found it incredible and rated it highly. Nelson 020

Best book yet. Whole group discussion went very well.

A wide variety of reactions to this book - from not managing to get into it, to not being able to leave it alone. Katikati 003

We all enjoyed the book - very thought provoking. Many felt they needed to read it again to uncover more themes, ideas etc. Christchurch 088

Categories: Fiction NZ, Literary, Award winner, Māori, Relationships, Blind Low Vision library, Small font


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By: PALMN 029 2019-04-16 21:51:30
Those who could get into the book found it very addictive. Some parts are a little hard to follow but the language and use of words is very clever. The author gives beautiful descriptions of NZ nature – the plants, locations, fish and other. The Maori language throughout was novel for the times. There is violence and a lot of alcohol. The depth of the book was noted by all, with many layers of themes. This all led to deep conversation within the group.

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