Title: Into the Darkest Corner
Authors: Haynes, Elizabeth
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 396
Year: 2012
Publisher: Myriad Editions
Language: English
Description: When something seems too good to be true, then it usually is. In this case, the 'something' is Lee who on first acquaintance is a charismatic and appealing man. Catherine certainly thinks so, but finds out to her detriment the difference between his public and private faces.

A challenging thriller that considers the horrors of abusive relationships. This is compelling reading at its best, but does include violence and abusive sexual content. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups:

Great book. 100% success rate. We talked about domestic violence. We have a psychologist among us so it was interesting hearing her perspective. We thought the ending was a bit predictable. Disturbing but compelling. New Plymouth 012

Everyone enjoyed the book. The counterpoint of the 'before' and 'after' worked very well, then the two stories coming together at the end. Tauranga 016

Really enjoyed it - easy reading with a good ending. Feilding 003

Words used to describe this book were gripping, page-turner, compelling, couldn't put it down - even though the story is grim, brutal and stressful to read. Nelson 020

Most members were very disturbed by this book and did not persevere with it. The few that did read it thought that it was very disturbing but well written. Christchurch 031

Opinion was divided as to whether the novel was well written, but we agreed that it was a compelling, if disturbing, read. It was definitely not 'enjoyable', but we felt that it mirrored awful events in our society which so often end in the law courts.... Hamilton 003

A very good book. Well written with surprising twists and turns. Some thought the repetitiveness of describing Cathy's OCD rituals was a little boring, but I think it underlined the torture of having OCD. Most gave it 9/10. Masterton 013

The book generated in-depth analytical discussion. It is a powerful book confronting mental health issues. All members found aspects of the book eg.content and swearing, "disturbing" but acknowledged it is "life" for many. An "eye-opener" for some..... Christchurch 320

We had to debrief after this book! What a terrible story. Cleverly written, the interweaving of 'past present' and 'present present' enabled us to feel the mistrust and anxiety the female character must have felt! Dunedin 061

A bit scary for some - a book to be read in daylight! Fascinating portrayal of someone recovering from a traumatic episode in their life. Christchurch 229

A great book which sparked great discussion about violence in different cultures etc. Also the lack of support available for people to move out of the situation they find themselves in. Hamilton 047

Most of the group found this style of writing interesting, but for some it took a while to understand it was the same person in each year. Nelson 058 058

A great read, gripping and interesting. Kept you guessing. A little full on at the very beginning which put some of us off, but with encouragement, those who read on enjoyed it. Motueka 004

Categories: Fiction, Contemporary, Psychology, Social commentary/perspectives, Suspense/Thriller, Popular Book with Groups


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By: MARTIN 005 2020-10-30 20:38:03
Most of the group found it 'unputdownable', one could not finish as did not like subject matter and found the jumping around confusing. The rest thoroughly enjoyed, it was filled with tension and we found the OCD part challenging to read but very well described and fascinating. Thoroughly recommend.

By: AUCK 153 2020-02-21 11:55:57
Most people found the book compelling, although one couldn't read it and 2 others were muted in their response. Lively discussion about both lead characters and their actions, and some positive comments about the story's resolution.

By: TAPAN 001 2020-02-21 11:52:28
"Couldn't put the book down - had to know what was going to happen!". "Enjoyed the way the author had written it, was very clever".

By: TAUR 037 2020-02-21 11:51:02
Many didn't finish - too brutal. Those that did found it a good read.

By: AUCK 255 2020-02-21 11:50:11
Gripping read enjoyed by all. Prepare to be tense and on edge. Very well-written. Excellent group discussion and widely shared with our friends.

By: DUNED 039 2020-02-21 11:47:28
Those who finished the book enjoyed it, but found it an uncomfortable read. It encouraged good discussion about unhealthy relationships. On the whole a good read.

By: PUTAR 001 2020-02-21 11:45:43
A really scary but well-written book. While the content rattled us, it gave rise to good discussion.

By: WAIPUK 003 2020-02-21 11:42:39
This was an absolutely fantastic book. Our whole club loved it and it was quickly devoured by everyone. We loved the 2 stories told side by side. Thoroughly recommended to all.

By: AUCK 276 2020-02-21 11:40:22
Insightful and enjoyed by all.

By: PUKEKO 006 2020-02-21 11:39:43
Excellent! One of our faves so far.

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