Title: African Love Story, An
Authors: Sheldrick, Daphne
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 334
Year: 2012
Language: English
Description: Born and bred in Kenya, Daphne Sheldrick is an inspiring ambassador for the wildlife and endangered animals of the continent she calls home. Entwined with her personal story is that of the important and ground breaking conservation and wildlife protection work carried out by Daphne and her wildlife warden husbands.

This warm and captivating memoir reels in the reader with its fascinating information about animals large and small, but in particular, Daphne's unique contribution to wildlife preservation: the hand rearing of orphaned elephants and black rhinos. [Small font]

Comments from Groups:

This book produced a mixed reaction. Some people loved it, especially those people who had been to Kenya. Some people found it very repetitive. We all agreed that the author was a remarkable woman. Dunedin 007

We would recommend this book to anyone interested in the wildlife of Kenya and the people who gave their love and energy to conservation. Hamilton 024

Wonderful! We all loved it and it led to good discussions on how to get the message across to those who still want ivory and rhino horn. Auckland 009

All members enjoyed the book finding it both interesting and informative. The discussion was wide ranging and stimulating. We would thoroughly recommend it to other groups. Paraparaumu 001

A truly great story. It is always fascinating to read of somebody's passion, in this instance the rehabilitation of the elephant and rhino. A truly remarkable achievement. Hamilton 047

Categories: Non fiction, Biography, Africa


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By: FEILD 005 2021-03-17 07:48:30
Wow ! What an interesting evening we had discussing this month’s book. It was enjoyed by the majority of the group. As we are a rural group many individuals had fascinating animal stories to tell..

By: AUCK 360 2020-03-11 16:08:38
Mixed thoughts. Most of us loved the animal stories and the insight into a different time and place. However one member was born and brought up in Kenya and felt it was a very British centered view of Kenya with almost no understanding of the Africans who were displaced by colonization. The Mau mau especially was only focused on the whites who were killed and not the thousands of Africans killed by the local white militia. It was repetitive and needed editing and would have been more interesting if the communication with elephants had been explored in more detail. Not great literature.

By: WHANG 004 2019-10-18 12:37:07
An easy to read memoir giving insight to the wild life in Kenya and historical background - input from 2 members born in South Africa an added bonus.

By: INVER 003 2019-05-07 13:01:50
Greatly enjoyed by all readers.

By: PAHIAT 001 2019-05-07 13:01:05
We all felt very moved by this book. Horrified and delighted by turns, and on a real see-saw as nothing remained secure and stable for long. Yet there was the underlying passion and determination to right the wrongs and a reference for all living things. Some of us had never heard of the Reserves mentioned, and the hugeness of the task never seemed to make the families lose heart...Joanna Lumley's recommendation said it for us. A wonderful and promising heritage that is possible in spite of its enemies.

By: WHITBY 002 2019-05-06 15:00:29
Densely packed with wonderful descriptive prose written from the heart. Full of interesting information, great observation and understanding of the animals. We all loved it and would recommend the book.

By: CHCH 317 2019-05-06 14:54:44
We all enjoyed the book. It was well-written and conveyed an in depth account of Kenya and its modern history. The author's deep love of her country, family and the animals was very evident and moving. Highly recommended.

By: WHANG 003 2019-05-06 14:49:55
Everyone enjoyed learning about elephants and Africa - a very enjoyable and interesting book.

By: AUCK 105 2019-05-06 14:48:34
All except one member of the group enjoyed this book. Daphne's descriptions of the many orphan animals were delightful.

By: AUCK 285 2019-05-06 14:47:07
For those that read it, it was a fascinating insight into a completely different world and life. It was hard to imagine (in this overprotected world) simply heading off across Africa, sleeping in tents with lions licking the canvas.

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