Title: Saturdays at Noon
Authors: Marks, Rachel
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 412
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: It's a date - every Saturday for 13 weeks - reluctant or otherwise. But when Jake, an at-home dad, meets Emily at their first session of the anger management course, it is fair to say it is dislike at first sight. However, for Jake's six-year-old son Alfie, it is just the opposite. He and Emily strike up an instant rapport that will end up changing the course of all their lives.

From autism and anger, to alcoholism and abuse, this thought-provoking story sensitively handles these challenging issues with compassion and humour.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"I enjoyed the unusual plot and well-written characterisations."

"Very-well written, totally engrossing, thought-provoking and satisfying without being cloying."

The subject matter – pathological demand avoidance - is unusual but absorbing. I loved this book!"

"The main characters are portrayed in depth so the reader really feels empathy for how they are feeling."

"It's a great feel-good story and is easy to read."

"Easy to read with well-defined and believable characters."

"The love story between two unlikely people keeps the story alive."

"I enjoyed the well-drawn characters, with all their flaws, but also their journeys to self-discovery."

Categories: Fiction, Grief/loss, Humour, Love story, Medical/Health, Relationships, Uplifting, England, UK, 2022 Titles - Coming Soon


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