Title: Year Without Summer, The
Authors: Glasfurd, Guinevere
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 390
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: With the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia, the global climate is disrupted and the year that follows is without a summer. The far-reaching effects of the temporary climate change play out with profound consequences, both personal and political, and are traced through the lives of six unconnected global citizens - some invented, some adapted and others familiar (artist John Constable and writer Mary Shelley).

This is an unforgettable story of the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history, passionately rendered and a powerful reminder of the aftermath of climate breakdown in an unfair world.

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"The book is fresh and immediately draws in the reader."

"The characters are all well drawn and the book humanises history."

"The tension builds to a point where it is clear that a revolution could easily have occurred."

"When the book finished, I was left wanting more!"

"Excellent story of what happens when the climate is drastically changed."

"Telling the tale from six different points of view is excellent."

"This book needs to be read slowly but continuously. As it jumps from person to person it isn't always easy to pick up the story."

"I learnt a lot - I had forgotten about this particular eruption and didn't realise the worldwide effect it had."

"A bit disjointed jumping from character to character but in hindsight, it was fine."

Categories: Fiction, Environmental, Grief/loss, Historical, Social commentary/perspectives, Tragedy/disaster, USA, UK, Indonesia, 2022 Titles, Larger font


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