Title: Ripiro Beach
Authors: Barron, Caroline
Genre: Non Fiction: New Zealand
Pages: 280
Year: 2020
Publisher: Bateman Books
Language: English
Description: Having undergone a near-death experience during the birth of her second child, Caroline Barron enters unfamiliar territory. In her search for healing that follows this traumatic event and its aftermath, she spends the next six years delving into her family history, uncovering a difficult and diverse ancestry. But there is joy and consolation too, with Northland's Ripiro Beach at its heart.

Brave and honest, this memoir details a passionate search for identity and understanding that attempts to answer the universal question: why am I the way I am?

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"A complex book. Beautifully written and brave in its intimacy."

"Caroline is very honest and frank as she delves into her psyche."

"Her angry outburst is vividly recalled - her fear is beautifully conveyed."

"This is a serious read and discussions may be confronting to some."

"Very honest account, well-written and informative, particularly when she begins to learn Te Reo."

"I think there's a place for such books in the scheme - an insight into other's lives can help us to gain insights into our own."

"Her memoir carries the reader on a significant journey."

"A good New Zealand writer."

"The language of the early chapters is a tad flowery for my taste but once we get into her story it becomes more interesting and real."

Categories: Non Fiction - New Zealand, Biography, Contemporary, Culture/Ethnic/Racial, Grief/loss, Maori, Medical/Health, 2022 Titles - Coming Soon


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