Title: Actress
Authors: Enright, Anne
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 263
Year: 2020
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Language: English
Description: This is the story of Irish theatre legend, Katherine O'Dell, as written by her daughter Norah. It tells of early stardom in Hollywood, of highs and lows on the stages of Dublin and London's West End. Katherine's life is a grand performance, with young Norah watching from the wings.

But this romance between mother and daughter cannot survive Katherine's past, or the world's damage. As Norah uncovers her mother's secrets, she acquires a few of her own.
Then, fame turns to infamy when Katherine decides to commit a bizarre crime. Actress is about a daughter's search for the truth: the dark secret in the bright star, and what drove Katherine finally mad. [Taken from book blurb, Jonathan Cape Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"Fabulous and insightful writing."

"A story of grounded, enduring love. I enjoyed the black humour."

"This is the first novel by Enright that I've read. I will certainly read more."

"There is a definite an Irishness to the language of the book, a beautifully lilting quality that often took my breath away."

'I found her other book, 'The Gathering' to be quite dark. There's more hope with this book."

"Some readers could be frustrated by the discursive way the story is told. It's not a novel with a strong narrative line."

"It is a very tender portrait of both mother and daughter. I never lost sympathy for either of them."

"The book is at once tragic, humorous, bleak and realistic."

Categories: Fiction, Literary, The Arts, Feminism, Gender Issues, Grief/loss, Relationships, Ireland, England, 2022 Titles - Coming Soon


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