Title: Little Disasters
Authors: Vaughan, Sarah
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 415
Year: 2020
Language: English
Description: A mother in crisis. A doctor's duty. What is the truth about that night?

Liz and Jess have been friends for ten years, ever since they both started a family. But how well do they really know each other?

When Jess arrives at Emergency with her baby girl and a story that doesn't add up, Liz is the doctor on call.

Jess has devoted her life to family and home. But she is hiding so many secrets.

As the truth begins to emerge, Liz is forced to question everything she thought she knew: about Jess, and about herself ... [Taken from book blurb, Simon & Schuster]

Comments from BDS Reviewers:

"It grabbed me from page one and didn't let me go. It's very readable."

"I couldn't predict where the plot twists and turns were going."

"It's a very honest telling of parenting and the myth of the perfect family and how mothering is expected to come naturally."

"Both main characters are so believable and their pain and angst real."

"Wonderful characterisation."

"A very compelling read and full of surprises."

"Despite the shocking twists and revelations towards the end, the reader will feel strongly that this could well be anyone's story."

"The plot, which sounds relatively straight-forward, is exposed in a series of twists and turns that are engaging and empathetic for all characters."

Categories: Fiction, Contemporary, Grief/loss, Medical/Health, Morals/Ethics, Relationships, Social commentary/perspectives, England, 2022 Titles - Coming Soon


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