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What's the cost?

It costs as little as $6.50 to borrow a book. That's great value!


Membership fee

Individuals pay a programme (membership) fee. This fee covers the loan of books and discussion notes during the nominated membership period. 

The cost depends on the number of people in your group (it's cheaper if you have 7 or more people) and the type of programme your book group joins up to. For most of our members the cost is $65 for 10 books, but see below:  


Convenor discount - the Convenor (main contact person) of a book group with 7 or more people gets a discount. This is our way of acknowledging their role in ensuring BDS materials are distributed and returned in a timely way.


One-off registration fee for new groups

When a new book group registers with the scheme, we set up details of the group on our computerised book inventory system. There is a one-off administrative cost of $30.


Courier & postage costs

Books are couriered to groups as part of membership (i.e. included in your membership fee). It's the group's responsibility to return the books to us in a timely way. See Courier & postal information for hints on the best way to do this. For groups with 7-12 members return postage is about $1 per book. 



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BDS is a member of the Federation of Workers Educational Associations