Changes in Convenor
Temporary or permanent

Timetable for receiving books
Altering your booklist
'Holiday read'
A book for Christmas/summer
Commenting on books
Your group's views/reviews
Ordering or opting out of printed Catalogues
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Changes in Convenor (temporary or permanent)

Please let BDS know of any temporary or permanent change of Convenor at least 10 working days before your meeting.

To ensure the smooth delivery of book parcels, tell us the name, address and telephone number of the reliever and the period of their convenorship. 


Timetable for receiving books

If your group always starts and finishes membership within the calendar year (i.e. starts membership in late January or mid February and finishes in late November/early December), we refer to you as a calendar-year group

If your groups starts part-way through one year and completes  part-way through the following year, BDS calls you a non-calendar year group.

The timetable for receiving books depends on the above AND which week of the month you meet: 




Altering your booklist

Your booklist (titles your group wants to read) can be changed at anytime by your Convenor. Convenors can contact us with changes or they can log-in to the Convenor section of this website to update the booklist themselves. Books can be added, deleted or arranged in order of priority.

Being able to do this is especially useful when groups have predominantly chosen books of a similar genre or topic and would like a change (perhaps a 'lighter' or 'uplifting' read or a different style of book).


'Holiday read' (a book for Christmas/summer)

A 'holiday read' is an extra bookset for the summer holidays. This option is available to groups on a Full Programme only.

This option costs $30 per group (note the exception below*), which must be paid in advance of any despatch. This fee includes the supply of a courier bag to return the bags to BDS.

We send out your group's set of holiday books in time for your last meeting before Christmas. The books are due back after your first meeting in the New Year.

Convenors of groups wanting this option can contact the BDS office to make arrangements and indicate your group's title preference.

* Groups that collect their books from the BDS office are entitled to a free 'holiday read'. This is to acknowledge the saving BDS makes in courier costs.


Commenting on books (your group's views/reviews)

You can submit your group's feedback about a book by using:

  • The consignment note

The consignment note is the printout that accompanies your book parcel. It lists the books that have been allocated to your group. At the bottom is a space for you to write comments. You can include the form with the books when you return them to us.

  • Facebook             

You are welcome to comment about books on the Book Discussion Scheme page on


Groups' comments are important because they help us to know whether or not books are appealing to groups; they help other groups choose appropriate titles for their group; they help us devise the 'popular list' of books, which is sent out at re-enrolment time to help you select your next list of books.

We may use comments on this website or in our Catalogue.


Ordering or opting out of printed Catalogues

Groups automatically receive a complimentary copy of the latest printed Catalogue with their re-enrolment pack (which will be sent to you when you are nearing the end of your current membership period).

Groups can opt out of receiving a Catalogue by emailing BDS. 

On the other hand, to order additional copies please use the 'Order BDS Products' facility in the Convenor section of the website - or you can email or phone us. Additional copies of the Catalogue cost $10 each including delivery. 

Don't forget an interactive pdf version of the Catalogue is available in the Books section of this website. You can also search the on-line Catalogue.


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