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Article Image It takes a Village to foster reading

Lilliput Libraries are a Dunedin phenomenon but the concept has spread to Canterbury, thanks to a BDS staff member and her local Presbyterian church. Annie Boardman, who works part-time at BDS... Read More

Article Image 'All the Presidents' a fitting acknowledgement

Napier 021 remembered their former member Sean Hickling, who sadly passed away last year in his 41st year, by donating a book to Napier Boys' High School. Convenor of the group, Shirley... Read More

Article Image A Capital Opera Cake

To celebrate its 21st birthday in February, book group Wellington 102 enjoyed a very special layer cake. Called an "opera" cake, it featured miniature chocolate books made by a culinary student... Read More

Article Image Childhood biking misadventure didn’t deter a love of books

A childhood misadventure on a bicycle did not deter newly resigned staff member Vicky Jones from developing a love of books. Vicky, who has spent the past nine years working part-time as a... Read More

Article Image Living it, not just reading about it

An Auckland based BDS book group aren't just reading about overseas experiences, they're going to live one. The 11-member group, comprising 4 men and 7 women, plan to spend 10 days together in Italy... Read More

Article Image East Cape Enthusiasm

Sunny Gisborne is welcoming the new reading year with enthusiasm. Vicky Mottart, of the coastal suburb of Wainui, emailed to say her first book group meeting of the year was full of hubbub and... Read More

Article Image Photo & Captions of BDS groups

Staff were blown away with the responses by groups to our call for a short description of why you like your book group. We laughed, almost cried and felt genuinely proud of the amazing bonds many of... Read More

Article Image More Book Group Photos & Captions

We read so many amazing descriptions of book groups, that we ended up awarding bundles of ex-Scheme books as well as our main prizes. Merit awards have been sent to: Longevity award  Jude... Read More

Article Image It's a wrap

An industrious Northland group returned their November bookset in a unique wrapper. Cath Stanaway of Northland 003 posted back ten copies of Second Chances, by Hawkes Bay writer Charity Norman,... Read More

Article Image LitCrawl and an extravagance of writers

The Capital City "did it again" according to the organisers of the LitCrawl Festival in early November - and BDS members were in the thick of the gathered readers. The festival, which is a series of... Read More

Article Image 80 more

  You and your book group can help inspire more kids to read... supporting the New Zealand Book Council's '80 more' initiative.       The... Read More

Article Image Barbara Brown's Cryptic Crossword Challenge

Our BDS manager is a professional cryptic crossword writer. She has compiled this crossword for your enjoyment (or frustration!).  For help on how to understand and solve cryptic clues, visit... Read More

Article Image Sight impairment no reason to avoid book club

Having poor eyesight doesn’t mean you can’t be part of a book group, according to a Far North reader Jean Dowson. Jean coordinates a Book Discussion Scheme book group that has been going for 22... Read More

Article Image Tongariro Prison updates us on prison group

Seven prison facilities throughout the country use Book Discussion Scheme resources to run book groups for male and female prisoners. Christchurch Women’s Prison was the first to establish a... Read More

Article Image Reading Nook debut

Our Reading Nook reflecting the 'Going West' 2017 festival colours made a debut at the weekend. The reading space, set up by BDS member Amanda Chapman of AUCK 205, consisted of hired bean bags... Read More

Article Image Oranges and Books

Foodie and tramper Phyll Wallace joined our team of volunteers during the winter. The former cafe and catering worker teams up with her friend Robyn Gibling to spend most Monday mornings at the BDS... Read More

Article Image Volunteer Gold

A lifelong love of books means it hasn't been difficult for Pat Norton to clock up 20 years as a volunteer with Book Discussion Scheme. "I could get my hands on books again," says Pat about her... Read More

Article Image The Commuting Book interview with BDS Promotions

BDS has been supportive of The Commuting Book project in Christchurch since its inception. To read the interview between the project and BDS, click on the image or this link.    Read More

Article Image Your feedback counts

  Member's feedback about BDS books and discussion notes is vital. Book groups' comments - whether positive or 'constructive' - help the scheme to maintain a quality selection of titles and... Read More

Article Image When is a question a ‘good’ question?

 When is a question a ‘good’ question? New Zealand author Tina Shaw is one of 22 Book Discussion Scheme notewriters who are faced with crafting ‘good’ questions and informative material... Read More

Article Image Pleasant surprises for Book Night prize winner and prize giver

Tawa BDS Book Group member Sallie Hill had the honour of presenting 8-year-old Shaia Stowers with first prize for Book Night 2017. The convenor of book group Wellington 141, who represented... Read More

Article Image Standing room only for authors in conversation

"Great turn out, catering superb and Charity and Anna entertained us well," sums up a volunteer helper at Napier's Book Night event featuring Hawkes Bay authors Charity Norman and Anna Mackenzie in... Read More

Article Image 16 public libraries

A total of 16 public libraries arranged activities for Book Night 2017.  Along with 17 schools and 7 other organisations, libraries from Kaiataia to Dunedin, Hastings to the Hutt, organised... Read More

Article Image Everyone and their dog was behind Book Night

Dunedin, UNESCO City of Literature, offered a raft of community reading spots for Book Night and boasted the only animal to be attending the nationwide reading event in an official capacity. Dart,... Read More

Article Image ‘Treasure Chest’ on Pacific Street

Dunedin's Pacific Street celebrated the arrival of a 'treasure chest' on Saturday 27th May when BDS book group members and residents unveiled a Treasure Island themed miniature library on the edge of... Read More

Article Image Wild about Book Night

Business owner Steven Wild never read a full novel at high school but is now an advocate for Book Night, BDS' nationwide reading event in May.(photo by Mandy Caldwell) Kiwi business owner Steven... Read More

Article Image The life journey of a barcode

When a box of sparkling new books arrives at the Sydenham office of Book Discussion Scheme, not all staff view the arriving package with the full reverence it deserves! One such person is our... Read More

Article Image Cultural mix in Tauranga

With the help of friends, Pam Hansen convenes a thriving English as Second Language book group in Tauranga.  "We began 18 months ago with five ex students from my ESL class who wanted to keep... Read More


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