Review your books

A book review involves giving your group's overall rating for the book and (optional) commenting on your group's discussion. There are two ways you can do a review:


Handwritten review

Write comments on the bottom section of the consignment note (the pre-printed sheet that accompanies each set of books you receive). Send comments to BDS with the set of books you are returning. A representative selection of these comments will be included in the online and printed versions of the Catalogue.


Online review

You must be logged in to the Convenor section of the website to be able to write an online review.

Option 1) Go to Books Supplied. Select the relevant title and click on 'Review'. Follow the prompts. 

Option 2) Alternatively, locate the relevant title in the Online Catalogue, go to the bottom of that page and click on 'Review'. Follow the prompts. (You must be logged in for this link to work)

Online comments appear in the electronic version of the BDS Catalogue (once the comments are moderated).


Why feedback is helpful

Your group's comments help other book groups choose appropriate titles for their booklist and help BDS devise the 'popular list' of books. (To see the list of popular titles, select the search criteria 'Popular Book with Groups' in the online Catalogue). Your feedback also assists BDS in maintaining a diverse and appealing range of titles in the Scheme.




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